Wild by nature, Free by choice

Leave her Wild was founded with the purpose of empowering women and single mother entrepreneurs. The idea that women and mothers must fulfill a narrow role of societal obligation doesn’t sit right with us.

Becoming Wild, Again

She was born wild; with innate gifts unique to her. We create a space to let her be everything she is, and let that be more than enough. We encourage women to proudly show the duality of their souls, and find their version of success by being themselves. Every item in our shop is hand crafted, designed or sourced from women and single mother entrepreneurs all over the untied states. When you choose Leave Her Wild, you’re supporting so much more than just one shop. You’re supporting the movement that women and mothers can BE and have it all, you’re supporting the brave and the bold, you’re supporting the dreams, families and lives we create by following our intuition and pushing forward through what we are told should or shouldn’t be.


Lisa is a girl mom of two, divorced and thriving multi-faceted entrepreneur. She cracked the cookie cutter early on in young adulthood.

At 20 she became a single mom to her first daughter when everyone told her abortion or adoption would make the most sense. She went to college pregnant and finished with a certificate in healthcare after giving birth to Taylor.

She worked in healthcare for 7 years and left the field after establishing operations management contract freelance work and diving into direct sales as an additional source of income.

She left her marriage in 2021 as a mom of two and an industry leader and 6 figure earner with the direct sales company “Zyia Active”. She dabbled in private business consulting to broaden her reach, which quickly pivoted to becoming a co-owner of a farm to table business with her best friend.

While nurturing and growing newly founded “Weiand Cattle Co”, and navigating life after divorce, her pull to guide other women and single mothers into entrepreneurship led her to create “Leave Her Wild LLC” alongside her other ventures.